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Chapter 7: The Fourth Level

Wubi-Wubi at a distance Nhunggabarra got Flowers Rock pool How Baayame poked rock pools
Wubi-Wubi - the sacred mountain at distance How the Nhunggabarra got Flowers. The story about the sacred mountain. Rockpools on top of the sacred mountain. No one knows how they were created. According to a story the rock pools were created when Baayame poked the mountain top with his spear.
Man of High Degree Topaz Mine On top of Wubi-Wubi Anomaly Close Up
The wiringin: Man of high degree. The mine, where the crystals for wirigins were mined On top of the sacred mountain What is this? (See analysis of the mysterious image last in the photo gallery.)

ANYONE WHO TRIES TO LEARN ABOUT the customs of Australian Aboriginal people cannot avoid the spiritual realm. Aboriginal people were (and are) deeply spiritual. They seem to have possessed psychic powers that are largely lost or considered taboo in mainstream modern Western civilisation. The ability to apply such psychic powers was the highest level of knowledge of the Nhunggabarra, the hidden fourth level of the stories that was revealed only to the wiringins ('medicine men' or 'shamans'), the men of high degree. The fourth level is the know-how about the spiritual realm – not only the knowledge about it, but the capacity to actually act outside the normal physical world.

In the book we report about our visit to the sacred mountain: Wubi-Wubi – or Mount Oxley as it is called today. When Tex grew up in the 1950s and 60s the mountain was still considered a place the Nhunggabarra went to only in dire need. In the time before European arrival, only the wiringins were allowed to climb the mountain and then only if they had a mission of great magnitude and needed to contact Baayami.

"We slowly approach the mountain on the narrow dirt road, when we suddenly see a rare sight in front of us: two wedge-tailed eagles, the mythical eaglehawks of the Black Swans story, the messengers of Baayami. They spread their huge wings and take off slowly and majestically up towards the mountain. 'Where might they be heading and with what message?' is a thought that probably passes through the minds of all three of us..."